Story Of My Life

I’m pretty sarcastic and cynical at times. But the one thing that I pride myself on is honesty. So, I will be honest.

This blog is not for me. It is for you. My idea for this blog started simply and became more complex as I learned how to do it. There were many tutorials out there that (for some $$$) would be happy to teach you the basics.

I learned a lot more from just reading other blogs on this site alone.

After I gathered as much information as I could, I decided to buy my domain to have a little place of my own on the internet (minus the several “prototype” sites I created).

Happy with my decision, I settled in and started to write. The writing became my world to escape into and revel in. Lost in my own world I never expected anyone to read anything I posted. But some did. More than I thought and my head exploded with ideas on how to expand this little universe I created. To give people a reason to come back and read.

So…I’m taking it a step further. Not sure how yet. If you have some ideas, I would love that. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately so some inspiration from other like minds would be helpful and appreciated. I have my own ideas but I love to hear people’s thoughts.

I’m weird like that.

Just wanted to write this. Moonlyte out.