Hello there,

Welcome to Moonlyte Cafe.

You might be wondering how and why I named my new blog Moonlyte Cafe. I’ll tell you…

So, what is it that you do when you go to a cafe by yourself or with friends (besides order and drink coffee or tea) ? Those things…you can do them here. This is a sanctuary for any and everyone who can relate to the material posted here.

My mission is to share with you my history with mental illness, love, relationships, and coping. I promise not to whine about my problems but express my experiences and give insight into how I overcame my troubles. If you relate and choose to follow my example, and it works for you, my congrats on your success. Glad I could help. If you do not relate but just want to read my blogs then I say to you…read on.

I love being who I am now and I hope I can help you love who you are too.

This is Moonlyte signing off: Make it a great day.


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