All About Me

You can call me Moonlyte. My purpose is simple…spread love and awareness. I don’t have any degrees of any type and will not give out advice or write unless from personal experience.

I love people.

People are my inspiration. I’ve loved humans since I was old enough to understand a love for anything. I watched people as a child until adulthood and learned a great many things about them. My favorite thing about people in their opinions and perspectives.

Your perspective is the most interesting to me and that is what inspired me to write for you. If you wish to read, you will be treated to an inside look to Borderline Personality Disorder from the perspectives of myself and some friends of mine.

This introduction will probably be extended by my partner authors. Please enjoy the posts and comment your suggestions or if you would like me to share your story, contact me here or on Facebook and I will post your story. Spread the love, enjoy the read and make it a great day.


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