Is She Alive??


I know, I know. I’ve been gone quite awhile.

Well, life has been a bit rough on me in the last few months and writing was the last thing on my mind but…

I have a plan…a big plan and I want to complete it before I reveal it. Piece by piece, code by code.

Anyway, while studying and writing code for my project I ran into some stressful problems that rendered me literally homeless…for six days. (okay so most people have been homeless for MUCH longer but I didn’t take that into account when I wrote that sentence and now it’s out there and I’m not deleting it.

ANYWAY, being in a situation where my life was on the line, I had to act fast and call for help. Thankfully, a good friend saved me from perdition and I have landed softly on my behind by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin.

I then slipped into a shadow of utter despair instead of being grateful for the roof over my head and the food in my stomach. After despair, came depression which led me further down a rabbit-hole of self-pity and constant badgering of my competence as a human.

I felt useless, stupid and deserving of this consistent feeling of failure.

But then…

Something happened…

A spark that made me peel myself off of my bed, climb out of my bucket of self-pity and tears, to see a new path. I didn’t see that there before. Don’t judge me. We all miss paths from time to time. You know, that other way we were supposed to go but couldn’t see the damn forest for the trees???

Humans. We are a puzzling bunch.

That spark was my project. My secret project. I’m still learning the intermediates of web development. I only have server side code in my head, so I need some web code stuffed in there too.

Oooo, I hope you like it. It’s just for you. You inspired this project and I want it to be perfect. But it will take time. LOTS of time, code, web development, some team members and a sprinkle of love.

Until it’s debut, I will try my best not to abandon you again. I’m not a big fan of abandonment so it would be ridiculous to abandon another. Especially you. ❤


Moonlyte out.

9 thoughts on “Is She Alive??

    1. Thanks! Strength is a quality I was cursed with, I sometimes wish I could fall apart and allow someone else to put the pieces back together but, unfortunately, that is not an option. It’s survive or die.

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    2. Everything has a dark side and a bright side, better to just stick on the bright side where you can see, above all, yourself most clearly. And then, the light is brightest in the dark 🙂

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