Liebster Award

I didn’t really know how this worked.

Nor did I read enough blogs to even deserve such a nomination. But I was nominated and honored by the nomination so I did some reading and research. Now I feel confident enough to post this:

I was nominated by illuminethestars

I give her my gracious and most sparkly thank you.

The rules are supposed to be simple:

  1. Mention the blogger who nominated you
  2. Include the graphic picture of this award
  3. Answer the question of the nominator
  4. Choose your very own nominees
  5. provide 10 question for those nominees to answer

First: If you could relive one moment in your life, which one would it be?

My birth. If I could just repeat my life with the memories of my past mistakes I would make different decisions. Like, instead of living with my ex after having a child too young I would move into a different place. Small decisions to change for the greater good of my life. So when I make it back to the age I am now I would be happy with the decisions I made and the results. Maybe.

Second: What is your purpose of writing?

I have no purpose. I just like to write. Mostly because there are too many stories playing in my head all the time. I want to get them out. I don’t just have a blog I have boxes full of journals from just writing garbage that pops into my head. Once I learned of blogging, I was just naturally drawn to it.

Third: What is your perception on world peace?

Peace is only attained by the peaceful. The entire world is not peaceful. There will always be people who like choas and anarchy. Rebels, killers, rapists, terrorists, control-freaks, and politics. As long as those kinds of people exist, there will never be world peace. My perception of peace is simple: I seek it but never underestimate it’s opposite.

Fourth: What is one the one thing you love most?

Creation. I breath because of creation. The land, the air, the sea, the people, the space around it. It’s like magic to me. Some refer to creation as God or Science, but I just refer to it as what it really is: creation, of, everything. I don’t read bibles or qurans, attend mass or church, or worship the “devil/satan”. I just believe in the creation of life and I love it. All of it. I love the religions that creation has imbued with faithful believers. I studied religion in college and it naturally fascinates me.

Fifth: What is the one quality you think everyone should have?

Self-awareness. To be self-aware is to reach a level of intelligence that many cannot achieve because they are afraid to see their dark-side. But the darkness is what is needed to make the right decisions that could save your life. It’s hard to see the truth of who you really are. Especially if the inner you isn’t so great. But once you see it, deal with it then accept it, a whole new world opens up and you can see all of it. It’s tough for someone to tease you if you own who you are.

Sixth: If you could save one book character who died, who would it be?

Albus Dumbledore. It broke my heart when he died. I literally cried.

Seventh: Write about the two most “amazing” people you came across, and what makes them so amazing?

My daughter is one, she is the most amazing person I’ve met. The second is a woman I met when I was in college. I never remembered her name but I will never forget her. She was put through hell by her family most of her life. They practically tortured and bullied her. Although everyone seemed to be against her she still managed to work a good job, take care of her three teenagers, attend college with high scores, be an excellent friend, and be a doting wife. It blows my mind when I see her horrible mother treat her like garbage then she just calls her husband who puts a smile on her face, then she goes and passes another difficult mid-term. It made many people jealous but it made me admire the hell out of her.

Eighth: What is the most weirdest thing that scares you?

Fish. They’re terrifying little monsters. I don’t even eat fish.

Ninth: Who are your inspirations and why?

My daughter is my inspiration. She is fricking awesome.

Tenth: How would you describe yourself, figuratively?

I’m like a blizzard. I will blow into your life with brutal force but at least everything looks pretty when I’m done. Although I only show up seasonally (if you live in the right climate, that is), you will never forget me. You’ll look back on the day you met me and go, “Whew, that Lana was something else.”

I nominate:


Make It Ultra

The Bipolar Writer

A Universe Firefly

Lou Rasmus

My questions are:

  1. How many favorite colors have you had?
  2. What kind of food soothes you?
  3. Does writing bring you joy or stress you out?
  4. When did you realize what kind of person you are?
  5. Did you get bullied in school and if not, did you bully others?
  6. What kind of impact do you want to have on your readers?
  7. How many books do you read in a year?
  8. What is your favorite scent?
  9. What language would you like to speak?
  10. Who, in your life, empowers you?

Again, thank you for the nomination, Illumine, I’m blushing. I hope the questions I asked weren’t too hard to answer or too personal. I also hope that I did this correctly, lol. It’s been a while since I posted anything but I wanted to show my appreciation for the recognition.

Moonlyte out.

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