Willow Breeze

Introducing, a new author to the Moonlyte Cafe community!

Hello my sweets,

Keeping with the ultimate goal of our little piece of heaven here, we have a new edition to the Cafe Community. Willow Breeze. She is a fiery, witty genius with a heart of pure diamond. Pretty, shiny, and sharp at times. Her contribution to our little world here is a welcome breath of fresh air, hence her name.

As you delve into her mind’s eye, you will experience her astonishing creativity and dark humor that makes us love her. We hope you love her just as much.

As a new MC author, she will offer you (as all MC authors do), an open window into a world that is still unknown, unexplored, and looked down upon. It’s fascinating to me, the awareness of identity, because many don’t take it as seriously as they should. I watch the world through a box and I don’t even know if that is the real world. What I see on television about identity awareness, seems like rubbish. I don’t think it’s that much of a struggle if it doesn’t need to be. But maybe I’m wrong. This is part of our goals here. To open the world up to what’s real.

Sexual identity, gender identity and mental identity are hot topics in the real world. But they are portrayed differently through television. Displayed as propagandized weirdos who are confused about what they are. I really feel like this isn’t true. I, honestly, just see people who are nervous about telling people who they have discovered they are.

When I first admitted to myself that I had a mental disorder, it was a difficult experience for me. Admitting that I am a part of a stereotype or bigoted category of something people make fun of or criticize or pity. It wasn’t discovering who I am that was the struggle, it was the stigma of what I am. How the world views the type of human I am. That bias opinion of what mentally ill people are like. I think that if you see the personality instead of the identity, you will understand the identity discovery better. Discovering your identity can be difficult, in and of itself but it can also be beautiful. It’s not fair to be ridiculed for it as well. In my opinion, if you get to know us, you’ll understand us then you’ll love us.

We hope that Willow will give her insight on this by sharing her mind with you.

Welcome home, Willow.

Moonlyte signing off: Make it a great day.

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