Hard-working Maniac

Get a job.

So, I’ve explained before the difficulties of working. I also have given a rant or two about mental illness stigma and misunderstandings from society.

I am feeling particularly upbeat this fine day so this will be short and sweet.

So, I’m looking for a job. Not just any job. The perfect job. Writing. I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a domain to secure my little site here but I’m terrified I will fail. This little nagging voice in my head keeps shouting, “You remember what happened last time you did this…epic failure Lana. Epic failure.”

So, I’m doing things a bit differently this time. I’m gonna be all over the place with the design of my website. I want my readers to decide what colors look good on me. If they care, that is.

I’ve also created a sister site. Poetry by Moonlyte but it’s not finished yet. Gonna…do something with that later, I guess.

My main focus right now, is this baby here…Moonlyte Cafe. My darling. My sweethe-

Focus, Lana.

Anyway, I’ve been told that you can’t tell your writing is good until enough people like it but I beg to differ. If only one person likes my writing, that’s sad, yes, but also beautiful. I can only get better with time, right? I love to write anyway so, screw them (excuse the language).

My sister tells me that I have a million stories in my mind and only a few are fiction. So I thought, why not share those stories? Right? It’s gonna be difficult to keep up with dates so I won’t put any. The time is not what matters, it is the story that matters.

So, enjoy my stories and if you can pick out which are fiction and which are fact than we should be friends. Best friends. Because you’re awesome. My sister can’t even do that. She always mixes the true one’s with the fiction, it’s hilarious. Her face. I just…lol.

I’ll be posting a story tomorrow afternoon. It comes with graphics and a lovely poem, plus I’m lazy and take all day to write. Toodles!

This is Moonlyte signing off:

Make it great day.

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