Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is my favorite subject…

Nothing brings me more joy than the subject of Love. Valentine’s Day is a small part of the history of love. The history of St. Valentine is for more educated bloggers to inform you of but what I will share is a short story about another side of love. Family.

It’s a tale of true love, wonder, a few laughs and a gift. The names are a bit different but the tale itself is based in truth. I even added some personal graphics, I designed, courtesy of Canva and Unsplash. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Envelope Valentine's Day Ideas Facebook Cover

Susan looked in the mirror, frowned, looked again then called out to her sister.

“Lana! Come in here.”

Lana, knowing why she was summoned, took a heavy breath and walked into the bathroom. Her twin sister stood in the mirror, smushing her face around, frowning and smiling in succession. She turned and looked at Lana. Which made her frown turn into a scowl.

“Why does your skin look like you just crawled out of our mother’s womb, while mine looks like a mudslide?” She asked this question, so sternly, that Lana almost giggled.

“I, uh, don’t know. Maybe stop putting mud masks on, it’s obviously not a sturdy foundation. Keeps, uh, slidin’…down…” The red-faced rage on her sister’s face was a clear indication Lana should stop talking. Lana started to slowly back out the door, in fear of her life, “I’m gonna…go back in the living room, where it’s safe.”

Susan grabbed her arm, tightly, practically crying,”I can’t go on a date like this! My face keeps sliding down by the minute and Ethan is picking me up in ten minutes!” Although Lana didn’t really care about all that she stayed in the bathroom to comfort her sagging sister.

“Your face looks fine, Sue. It’s just a bit…draggy is all.”

“Draggy!!! Seriously??!! I can’t go out in public like this! He’ll be so embarrassed to be seen with a thirty-year-old that looks 80!!! What am I gonna do?” she flopped down on the toilet and starting sobbing, loudly. Lana took a deep breath, picked up a mirror and sat down on the tub next to her.

“Look.” Lana turned the mirror toward her and touched her shoulder, she stopped sobbing, “Look at this.”

She turned to look and her face was strewn with tears and her eyes were completely bloodshot. “What? What am I looking at? Some hideous monster who hates me.”

That made Lana giggle a bit,”No, goof, look at this picture of me. You see how pretty I look?” Susan looked up at her sister and smiled. “You’re so stupid. You know that’s a mirror, right?” Lana smiled as Sue caught on to their favorite joke, “Oh really?! Holy crap! I forget we look exactly alike and my beauty…is your beauty.”

They both smiled as the doorbell rang. Susan leaped from the toilet, gave Lana a big hug and whispered, “Thank you, Moon.” in her ear before shooting into the bedroom. Lana went to answer the door. She sat Ethan down on the couch and went to check on her sister.

Susan emerged from the bedroom in full regalia, she looked amazing. She flashed a brilliant smile and bounced into the livingroom, full of joy. Ethan’s jaw dropped when she entered, then he almost shouted, “You look spectacular!” She did. Susan looked back at Lana, as she and a spellbound Ethan exited the apartment, and pointed to a red envelope on the hall table. Lana opened the envelope and there was just a piece of paper with “Happy Valentine’s Day!!” written in greenish marker.

But when Lana unfolded the paper, there was a Grand Theft Auto V cd between the folds. Her favorite game. Her other cd had been scratched up from overuse and she had to throw it out. Susan bought her a valentine’s day gift. The perfect one. Inside the folds was a note, also in greenish marker. It reads:



Actual note.





This is Moonlyte signing off:

Make it a great Valentine’s day.

22 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

    1. yaaassss!!!!!!
      I am actually in the process of acceptance.
      like life going take you to…..BOOOM BOOOM BOOM!, RIGHT?
      so u just have to accept everything as it is!
      thats smart
      thats the best way

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I always say, if I like you, it’s because I know who you are and I like it. Accept everything as is and so will everyone else. If someone doesn’t accept you for who you are, it’s because they don’t like who THEY are.

      Liked by 2 people

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