Valentine’s Month!

I love the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day.


Although I believe it’s just a hallmark holiday made for profit gain, I still love the atmosphere and tension the entire month causes. This month, I’ve decided to dedicate to love. My favorite thing in the universe.

Let love light the way.    ~Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

All of my posts during the month of february will contain the subject of romantic love and relationships. I have had enough relationships in my life (with and without sex) to give you a sneak-peek into the BPD side of a relationship. If you can relate and wanna steal my moves, be my guest. If you are in a relationship with someone with bipolar or BPD and some of this sounds familiar, please, take my advice and get them some professional help. is a fantastic option for finding the right kind of assistance for your mentally ill love.

All business aside, Valentine’s Day can produce some remarkable behavior in humans. One Valentine’s Day, when I was 16, a girl in my class sent a valentine to another girl during class. Big mistake. The teacher (of course) caught her passing the note and read it. Out loud.

She cleared her throat and read,” Let’s see here ‘hey baby come to the bathroom with me after class’ and to whom where you passing this to?” everyone turned to see who she was passing the note to (because we all knew except the teacher) but the girl had completely hidden her face behind her biggest schoolbook. Which made us all giggle a bit. After class, I spotted them in the hallway arguing over the incident. As I walked past the note-passing girl was crying, then her ‘friend’ walked away, also in tears.

It’s sad when love is stifled by fear. Fear of ridicule, because most of the humans around me at that time were completely against that kind of love. Nowadays, a different kind of love is stifled…love of thyself.

Nothing makes me angrier than one person judging another for who they are. I have noticed that most people that love themselves do everything possible to attain the level of self that they are comfortable enough to live with. To look in the mirror and see a stranger is the worst feeling I have ever felt. I wouldn’t wish it on another soul, let alone…judge them for seeing the stranger in the first place. Just because YOU like what you see or don’t like it, doesn’t mean your opinion will change my mind.

YOU are not ME. You can change yourself but only I can change me.

When it comes to “self” YOU and your opinions, no longer matter.

It’s completely normal to have an opinion, we all do. But to stifle another person’s rights just because of that opinion is completely abnormal.

Love one another. We may be different but we are still humans, capable of love. As long as we are, as a species existing together, we hold the foundation of our survival…love. Without it…we no longer exist. It takes sex to make a child but it takes love to raise them. It takes commitment to get married but it takes love to create a family. There will always be hate in this world but the balance should always be in Love’s favor.

For You.     ~Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

This is Moonlyte signing off:

Make it a great day.




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